Terms and Conditions

1. Information about us

www.ruddy.app is a meal ordering platform. The platform enables restaurants to connect with consumers with the goal of selling dishes and menus online. The dishes sold are prepared and served by the restaurants at a fixed price. Ruddy’s platform acts as an intermediary actor between restaurants and consumers.

The website www.ruddy.app is owned by the company Ruddy, registered in Belgium under the number BE 0749517119, located in Brussels, Avenue de la Paix 3-2, 1081 Koekelberg.

Email address: hello@ruddy.app

Telephone: +32 465 82 06 32

2. Definitions

In order to use the platform, restaurants (hereinafter “the restaurant” must first register on the website (the website www.ruddy.app).

In order to use the platform, consumers (hereinafter “the consumer” must first register on Ruddy’s mobile application.

The terms “member” or “members” refer to restaurants and consumers who connect to the website www.ruddy.app and Ruddy’s mobile application to benefit from its services.

The terms “the platform” mean the website and the mobile application.

The terms “the website” mean the website www.ruddy.app The term “the application” means Ruddy’s mobile application on IOS and Android.

The term “the company” means the Ruddy company.

All the products offered for sale on the platform by restaurants are hereinafter referred to as “products”.

3. The application of these general terms and conditions

Sales made through the platform between consumers and restaurants are governed by these general terms and conditions.

After siging up on the platform, the member, whether consumer or a restaurant, must click on the virtual button “accept” to declare that he/she has read and accept these terms and conditions.

4. Role of the Ruddy, the owner of the Ruddy’s platform

The company provides tools for restaurants to showcase and promote their products and allows consumers to purchase restaurant products directly online.

The role of the company, owner of Ruddy’s platform is an intermediatory role between consumers and restaurants. The platform is neither a seller nor owner of the products offered for sale on the platform, and does not come into possession of the products offered for sale.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, the company, the owner of the platform reserves the right to participate in the promotion of products put online and marketed by the restaurants, including partnerships with other websites and or by publications in the media and / or by sending advertising emails in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. Such participation cannot remove the quality of simple intermediary in the exchanges between restaurants and consumers, as the company only promotes the platform and all the products offered there, but does not intervene in the relationship between restaurants and consumers.

5. Confidentiality of information

In accordance with these terms of use, the company and restaurants are subject to strict obligation of confidentiality.

This obligation of confidentiality applies to all the information provided by both the company and the restaurants to the company during the duration of this contract including the information concerning the composition and the ingredients of the meals. In addition, information about the nutritional values of the dishes calculated on the platform cannot be shared on any other platform without the agreement of Ruddy.

6. Necessary for restaurants and consumers

To access the platform, the member must register before and open an account. Registration is only authorized for legal persons and natural persons of more than 18 years with the ability to fulfill legal acts. The registration of a legal person should only be undertaken by a natural person empowered to represent it.

Anyone who registers as a member agrees to provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information and other data (including personal) that would be necessary to finalize and maintain the registration on the platform, including a valid email address and any additional information needed to become a member. Each member also agrees to update his/her account and make any necessary modification of his/her information without delay. Each member will be solely responsible for the consequences that may result from the providing misleading, invalid or erroneous information to the platform.

To register, the member will have to choose a username and password. The member agrees not to register under a user name infringing the rights of a third party. In particular, the member will not use a username of copyright, trademarks, social names or a third party’s signs.

Each member agrees to create and use only one account. Each member agrees to use the platform and provide content on the website in accordance with these general conditions and the legislative and / or regulatory provisions in force.

The member will not provide contents and more generally carry out any illegal act:

  • Infringing copyright, patents, trademarks, designs, manufacturing secrets, the right of disclosure or privacy of third parties.
  • Defamatory, insulting, denigrating or slanderous.
  • Discriminatory or encouraging racial, religious or ethnic violence or hate.
  • Obscene or pedophiles.
  • Likely to be described as misappropriate, scam, abuse of confidence or falling under any other criminal offense with an aim to obtain money without offering any product in return in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  • Likely to damage any computer system or illegally intercept any data or nominative information.
  • Engaging the company, the owner of the platform and resulting in the loss of all or part of the benefit of the services of the providers of the platform and in particular its Internet service providers and payment providers.
  • Likely to undermine the reputation of the platform or to create acts of unfair or parasitic competition with respect to the platform, any other member or third party.
  • Which violate any applicable law or regulation and / or any contractual clause linking the member.


In the event of an action taken by a third party that harms the company, the owner of the platform; each member agrees to compensate the company if the cause and / or the origin of the event can be linked to the member or contents provided by the member. Each member agrees to bear all the consequences, including financial, which could result from such action and to protect the company, the owner of the platform.

The company, the owner of the platform reserves the right, without compensation, notification or notice, to modify or delete any content which violates one of the provisions of the General Conditions, as well as to suspend or delete the account of the account of the member.

7. Restaurant’s obligations

The platform aims to help restaurants sell their products and develop their business. The platform allows the restaurant to create its shop online through a single account to which an email address, a username and a unique password are associated. The company, the owner of the platform also provides the restaurant promotional tools. The restaurant is free to use such tools or not. The use of these promotional tools is carried out under the responsibility of the restaurant only.

Each restaurant is committed to:

  • Being transparent regarding the accuracy of the information communicated by the restaurant to Ruddy’s platform, including information relating to the calculation of the nutritional value of each meal.
  • Specify the complete features and qualities of each menu available for sale on the platform, the availability and the price of the product (all taxes included if applicable).
  • Provide all the necessary information on the product sheet of each menu, so that the offer is truthful and the consumer cannot be misled. Each restaurant is solely responsible for providing of all the elements of the product sheet of a menu, including the description, photos and the selling price.
  • The restaurant is committed to keeping consumers’ information confidential and not disclosing them. The restaurant also agrees to use coordinates and other data communicated by the consumer only for the purposes of executing the order and legal obligations attached to them.
  • The restaurant agrees to specify and update the opening and closing time of its online shop.
  • The restaurant must provide legal documents and its company registration number to the platform, in order to be verified by the platform.


The restaurant guarantees the company, the owner of the platform that it will execute its activities in a professional manner, respecting all rules and comply to all legal regulations imposed on the restaurant by the law for its profession. Any harm, possible expenses, including any possible convictions, court fees, lawyers’ fees and other amounts resulting from the restaurant not complying with its legal obligations are compensated by the restaurant to the company, the owner of the platform.

8. Consumer’s obligations

The consumer can only create one account on the platform.

The consumer agrees to comply with all laws and regulations relating to the acquisition of goods of any kind.

After choosing his or her product (s), the consumer must check the details of the order, its price, fill in if necessary, the payment information to allow payment for the product (s) and correct any errors before confirming the order. This confirmation will constitute as an offer to purchase.

Once the consumer has placed an order for a product on the platform, the consumer accepts that his/her surname and first name as well as the telephone number be communicated to the restaurant.

Upon receiving the ordered product (s) at the restaurant for takeaway, the consumer will confirm the receipt. In the absence of receiving the ordered product (s), the consumer will file a complaint. If, after fifteen (15) days from the date of the order, no confirmation or complaint has been received, the transaction is deemed to be perfect. The transaction is also deemed to be perfect upon confirmation from the consumer.

9. Purchasing process on the platform

To buy on the platform, you must have previously registered as a member, or register as a member at the time of purchase.

The payment methods available on the platform are as follows: Visa, Bancontact, Master Car, Maestro, iDeal, Sofort, Sepa, GiroPay and American Express.

The sale is concluded between the consumer and the restaurant as soon as the consumer and the restaurant have finalized the order on the platforms. As soon as the consumer and the restaurant have finalized the order on the platforms, a confirmation of the order will be sent to the consumer and to the restaurant.

The restaurant is responsible for preparing and making the order available to the consumer for takeaway. The consumer’s contact details will be accessible to the restaurant once payment has been made. As soon as the restaurant is ready to make the order available to the consumer, he must inform the platform by changing the status of the order.

When preparing the order, the consumer and / or the restaurant must confirm that the consumer has received the order.

The follow-up of the order can be carried out at any time on the platform by the members, by means of the order number.

10. Complaints, right of withdrawal and request for reimbursement

Complaints, exercises of the right of withdrawal and requests for reimbursement made by the consumer must be sent to the restaurants within (seven) 7 days from the date of confirmation of receipt by the consumer.

In the event of a complaint related to a non-conforming product or to the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the consumer agrees to return the product to the restaurant. In particular, the consumer undertakes to properly package the product and to take all the usual precautions for its transport.

Complaints, exercises of the right of withdrawal and requests for reimbursement will be managed directly between the consumer and the restaurant without any intervention by the company that owns and manages the platform.

The consumer and the restaurant will act with all the diligence necessary for the proper resolution of the complaint. The final decision to reimburse the consumer rests with the restaurant.

The transaction is deemed to be closed when the consumer confirms receipt of the order through his account. Failing this, the transaction will be deemed to be closed 15 days from the dispatch by the restaurant of the order, unless a complaint is made by the consumer.

11. Temporary closure of the restaurant shop or the member’s account

In the event of numerous complaints against the same restaurant or a high cancellation rate from the same consumer, the company, the owner of the platform reserves the right to temporarily or indefinitely block the restaurant’s shop or the account of the Member concerned.

12. Payment of fees and commission

For each order placed on the platform by the consumer, a commission will be levied on the total amount of the order, this commission will be paid by the restaurant to the company, the owner of the platform.

The commission is automatically deducted from the payment made by consumers for the order and the rest is transferred to the restaurant’s account.

13. Compliance with the law

Each member agrees to comply with the laws, regulations and standards of all kinds in force relating to the use of the services offered through the platform, the sale and purchase of products.

In the case of fraud or on request, the company, the owner of the platform will communicate all the necessary information, including personal information, to the legal entities responsible for the combating fraud and offenses.

14. Liability – insurance

The company, the owner of the platform is only bound by an obligation of means.

The company cannot be held responsible for any malfunction, breakdown, delay or interruption of access to the network. The company, the owner of the platform cannot be held responsible for the content published on the platform or any of the sites by members.

The company, the owner of the platform reserves the right at any time and at its sole discretion to suspend or interrupt access to the platform or to any of the sites and / or the operation of the platform, in whole or in part, in particular for maintenance interventions, operational requirements, internal choices or in case of emergency. The company also reserves the right at any time and at its sole discretion to remove or modify any content, in particular for technical, commercial or practical reasons. It is understood that such interventions may in no case engage the responsibility of the Company, nor give rise to compensation or damages for the benefit of a Member or a User of the Platform.

15. Consultation and correction of stored personal data

The company, the owner of the platform processes personal data in accordance with Belgian law in this area.

The personal data processing is governed by “the privacy and cookie management charter”.

16. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

These general conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with Belgian law.

In the event of a dispute, the French-speaking or Dutch-speaking courts of the judicial district of Brussels have jurisdiction.

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