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Reimagining a healthy diet for all

We believe in healthy food choices and are working towards finding new and better ways to improve eating habits. If you interested in innovating today and shaping tomorrow, we are looking for people like you to join Ruddy.

About Ruddy

In June 2019, Ruddy was launched in Brussels. Our goal is to help the growing health-conscious consumers in their journey and facilitate the way they manage their diet. We wish to create personalized meal plans for everyone, based on their nutritional needs, diet and lifestyle. 

Our partners in this journey are local restaurants. We work directly with them in order to make the nutritional information of their dishes available to the public. We also help them focus more on the new diet and health trends among consumers so that they can better reach out to consumers, grow their business and lower their costs. 

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We are looking for co-founders and interns who want to be a part of this exciting journey.

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At Ruddy, you will have the opportunity to experience first-hand:

Profiles we are looking for

App developer startup job Brussels Ruddy


You know how to develop mobile apps and websites. You love entrepreneurship and always wanted to know what it is like to work at a startup. Well, this is your chance. We are focused on building a marketplace where consumers can order and purchase food through the app. Ruddy is looking for co-founders & interns that are interested in further developing our mobile and web platform.

Digital marketing job startup Brussels Ruddy


We target restaurants to help them reach out to the growing health-conscious. We also target consumers who are concerned about their diet and want to improve it. We are launching several campaigns on IG and FB to target these groups and bring awareness to our products and services. We are looking for co-founders and interns interesting in further developing our marketing strategy.

How to apply?

Send us an email with your CV or LinkedIn profile and highlight your skills, goals and why you want to join our startup.