Run the restaurant of tomorrow, today with Ruddy

Ruddy is a new free mobile app that connects consumers with restaurants with a focus on diet and health.

For example: if your customer wants a vegan dish with 730 calories, Ruddy shows him/her all the dishes in your restaurant that are vegan and 730 calories.

Today’s younger consumers are the most willing to take initiative on behalf of their well-being, and they are prepared to pay premium prices if necessary to achieve their goals.

54% of all consumers, and 63% of those 50+, care more about the healthfulness of their food and beverage choices in 2020 than did in 2010; healthfulness is the biggest mover, more so than taste and price.

The perfect solution for your restaurant

Ruddy for Restaurants is a new online order and marketing platform that helps you save time, run your business online and connect with customers. Here are some of the features on our platform:

Your menu in their pockets

The customer no longer needs to be inside of your restaurant to see your menu. Ruddy’s  mobile app makes your menu accessible to all potential customers in the 500 meter radius of your restaurant.

All hungry customer will:

Online orders

Receive orders from customers inside and outside of your restaurant right on your tablet.


Accept all types of payments quickly and securely from customers, whether at the table, behind the counter or on the go.

A new marketing tool

No more price wars.

Traditionally, you had to only focus on your price and location in order to get a competitive edge. With Ruddy, you can use the latest diet and health trends to directly target customers based on their diet, health and lifestyle.

Fast pickup station

Respect social distancing by eliminating frequently- touched physical menus and credit cards.

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