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Ruddy is a new free mobile app that connects consumers with restaurants with a focus on diet and health. For example: if your customer wants a vegan dish with 730 calories, Ruddy shows them all the dishes in your restaurant that are vegan and 730 calories.

Your menu in their pockets

Our mobile app makes your menu accessible to all consumers in your area and enables them to directly order dishes that perfectly match their diet, health and lifestyle. They can order food from their app based on:
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Why focus on health trends?

Today, consumers are really concerned about their diet and their health. This can clearly be seen on social media platforms (#fitness #diet #healthy, …).

With our free mobile app, consumers can find those dishes in your restaurants that perfectly match their diet and their lifestyle. This gives you the opportunity to directly target healthy-conscious consumers based on their preferred diet and the latest health-trends within the industry.

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Perfect solution for your restaurant

Ruddy for Restaurants is a new online order and marketing platform that helps you save time, run your business online and connect with customers.
Ipad POS restaurant order

Online orders

Receive orders from customers inside and outside of your restaurant right on your tablet.
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Accept all types of payments quickly and securely from customers, whether at the table, behind the counter or on the go.

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Free modern restaurant marketing tool Ruddy

New marketing tool

No more price wars.

Ruddy is a new marketing tool for restaurant that focuses on the growing health-conscious consumers, their diet and the health trends.
We are helping restaurants grow their business with innovative ideas and not with traditional factors like price and location.

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Ruddy is the only mobile app in the world that enables your restaurant to directly target consumers based on  diet and health-trends.

With us you will completely differentiate your restaurant from your competitors.

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Online order and Pickup Station for restaurants

Pickup station

Respect social distancing by eliminating frequently- touched physical menus and credit cards.
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